Why I OM: Stories of Healing

Since 2003, more than 300,000 men and women worldwide have
learned the Orgasmic Meditation practice to recover from disconnection. These are their stories.

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I faced my addiction through OM

"Before OM, I wasn’t feeling really passionate about anything—relationships, sex, work, purpose. The flame of passion in me had gone out; OM reignited it."


OM built a deeper level of honesty in my life

"When both of my grandfathers died, I felt more the shock of death than the loss of the relationships. As scary as intimacy seemed, it now seemed scarier to keep putting it off."


I gained the courage to ask for my desires through OM

"When I had thought of leaving my job 20 years earlier, I had a breakdown. This time, I’d gotten in touch with my purpose. I have a clear path to what I really want in my life."


OM has transformed my experience of touch to something nourishing

"OM has provided me such a sense of internal safety that I can now receive touch from the opposite sex as nourishing instead of something scary."


Practicing OM has been a process of coming back to life

"I no longer make excuses for why something hasn’t happened yet, or why I’ve not gotten something I want. If I want it, I go for it."


OM helped me stop reacting and learn to be present

"Through OM, I’ve taught myself what it means to be vulnerable—as a muscular response—so my body can tell when I’m not."


OM has been the most potent experience of intimacy in my life

"I used to feel completely at sea around sex and intimacy. Now, I have more and more access to all of my feelings, and my joy, spontaneity and playfulness. I feel like I have all parts of myself back."


I accepted myself as a sexual being

"I was a single mother with a non-existent sex life. Through OM, I've accepted myself as a sexual being who can have desire as a central force in my life."