Why I OM: Stories of Healing

Since 2003, more than 300,000 men and women worldwide have
learned the Orgasmic Meditation practice to recover from disconnection. These are their stories.

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I found a deeper level of connection and love through OM

"I used to view sex as a scarce resource that put me in competition with everybody. The practice of OM removed so many of my competitive, selfish views. It felt generous and nourishing."


I made peace with my father and I found an incredible relationship

"I always had trouble trusting men. My dad was an alcoholic and it was very hard to get close to him. [OM] helped me meet an amazing man who I now have a child with."


I went from bored to passionately alive

"I used to always beat around the bush when talking to people, not really saying the thing on my mind. I thought if I told the truth the other person wouldn't like me and our connection would dissolve. OM has been like a gateway to the truth."


I don't react anymore, I get curious and respond

"Thanks to OM, I’ve been able to remove the layer of judgment that I have over my own feelings. Rather than thinking, ‘Oh that’s wrong’ or ‘We should break up,’ I try to get curious with myself and think, ‘What happened here?’"


It's woken up my sexuality and creativity

"I am allowing myself to be who I am because of my OM practice. I have three teen-aged daughters and who I am today is the woman I want to model for my girls—this level of freedom and self-expression."


I learned to ask for what I want

"As I started asking for what I wanted through OM, I brought that language into my home. I started being honest and would make requests of my kids directly so they could start saying yes or no. Our time together started being more authentic."


I learned to feel the sensations in my body and that's when I began to heal

"The practice taught me how to let that energy run through me, like water moving. Learning this skill healed something that I had no idea was broken. To be able to feel and work with my body, to just sit with it, is an incredible gift."


I let people in behind all my personas

"There’s a way I can play with my girlfriend so we connect however the moment is calling for—and, I can let go of trying to figure it all out logically."