Why I OM: Stories of Healing

Since 2003, more than 300,000 men and women worldwide have
learned the Orgasmic Meditation practice to recover from disconnection. These are their stories.

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Now I have approval to be exactly where I am and as I am

"As I practiced OM, however, gradually the frustration I used to feel—that I couldn’t ask for the level of attention and engagement that I wanted—was replaced with the confidence to ask for precisely how I wanted to be touched."


I’m back to my natural, orgasmic self, and loving every minute of it.

"Now that I can feel my desire, I’m letting it guide me towards passions I’d been afraid to pursue before. I have an inner compass to go by now, so I’m less concerned with what other people think."


I found nourishment I couldn't get anywhere else

"The giving, the generosity, the attention paid in OM would fill me up, whereas driving home from my old hookups I’d always felt shameful and hungry. There was something nutritious about OM."


OM completely realigned my relationship to truth

"I’m on the verge of doing something really big, a project that will help so many people within my community. And I feel I have OM to thank for helping me develop the fortitude to pursue this goal."


I feel as if I’m bigger, as if I take up more space

"The practice of asking for what I want and making requests and adjustments in OM has been profound. I’ve learned that I can ask for something in a way that’s not judgmental and that doesn’t have to cause a negative reaction."


I lean in and listen to her now, before I would back away

"Before OM, if a partner was needy with me, I would react with aversion. Now, I can feel that she’s looking for something. And that’s so interesting. So I’ll ask her, “What do you need in this moment?” And I’ll mean it."


I learned to listen to my body and live a life I truly love

"By developing a deep connection to my body, I found the courage to leave my corporate career and follow what makes me truly feel good."


OM gave me permission to take things slow

"Most of all, OM taught me—and gave me—what my life had been missing when I first moved to San Francisco: deep connection with other human beings. It showed me how to fully show up for another person and truly feel them."