Why I OM: Stories of Healing

Since 2003, more than 300,000 men and women worldwide have
learned the Orgasmic Meditation practice to recover from disconnection. These are their stories.

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Now I thrive in the mess that is love and life

"OM is goallness, which means you’re not trying to make your partner climax and you’re not trying to get any sort of sexual favor in return. This goallnessness shifted how I went about my relationships."


Now I have the confidence to live life for myself

"I planned out every part of my life and it worked great, except for sex. Through OM, I learned how much more pleasurable sex – and life – is when I’m able to relax and enjoy the moment."


OM taught me that to really know myself is to connect with others

"The practice of OM has reshaped my entire life. It’s given me access to something inside of myself that I can trust."


I'm now better equipped to enjoy life's ups and downs, I even enjoy them

"When my mom came to visit a few months ago, I used what I’d learned from OM to be a thoughtful host. My newfound confidence allowed me to communicate on a deeper level with her than I had before."


OM has increased my ability to feel

"OM is goalless, which is so freeing. Even more freeing than it sounds. Sex has blossomed into an exploration for me. I still don’t know what I’m doing sometimes, but that’s the point! And it’s actually fun!"


The biggest gift that OM has given me is that I actually like being a woman now

"The biggest gift that OM has given me is that I actually like being a woman now."


I have a sovereignty around my sexuality

"One of the biggest gifts of OM has been to take the concept of taking on a practice and combining it with sexuality. Having Orgasmic Meditation as a practice gave me a road through areas that might have otherwise been easy to ignore, like connection and desire, because they are so confronting."


OM has totally changed the way I approach my relationships

"In the container of an OM, things naturally happen without me knowing what the end goal will be."