Why I OM: Stories of Healing

Since 2003, more than 300,000 men and women worldwide have
learned the Orgasmic Meditation practice to recover from disconnection. These are their stories.

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I now have deeply intimate sexual relationships with women

"I began to use OM as a way to work through my guilt and view sex in a new way. OM challenged the religious ideas I’d grown up with, and gave me a sense of reverence and respect for other people and their bodies."


Now I am present in my life and enjoy the unknown

"That very first time I OMed and walked out of the room, I realized, “Oh my god, I don’t have to give back. I can just get off. I don’t have to do anything for him.”"


I no longer need alcohol and cigarettes

"If I had learned this prior to my separation and divorce, I think it would have helped that relationship. I would have been more in tune with my wife’s desires and feelings, more in tune with her pleasure."


I am able to accept all of my feelings and I can actually feel more

"Before OM, my feelings felt unmanageable and my relationships felt like transactions. Thanks to the practice, I’ve learned to love myself, express my feelings in a healthy way, and cultivate deep, honest relationships."


I was liberated by an improved sense of wellbeing

"OM impacted my spirituality because most of my spiritual experiences had been intellectual. Learning from OM how to feel in my body, instead of predefining the space of prayer or God, has been liberating."


OM taught me how to feel again

"I used to have so much fear of connecting with other people. In OM, I relearned how to feel and opened myself to so much more in life."


I feel seen and loved for the first time

"I wanted to run away. I was hiding so much. In OM, I got to be seen and held in all the spots I'd never been able to ask for."


I recommend it to all my patients

"I'm seeing changes in myself. What's more, I'm seeing stress hormones dropping in my patients and oxytocin and sex hormones rising naturally."